Wonderful IDEA!!


Folks, we are on a breakthrough in our R&D Lab and we want to get your thought as to see what you believe is the better solution.  The best way to state this is we have been working on a platform that will let you text from your phone in real time to a client on the other end of your website. The use of this tool is for better customer experience and ease of communication to keep the sales high and not lost. We will be rolling this out in Late December to get it in your hands before 2017. The best outcome will be that you never miss a lead from a visitor that has a question on your site and no one there to assist them. People want help sometimes on a site and the business has nothing there for them to ask and get a response immediately from. The K9C advantage of ,”Live Text help” will be a thing that everyone will want to implement on their websites. It is capable of being installed on any platform and is responsive so it works within Google’s guidelines. The need is there and we are going to spearhead this area and make business’ a better form of communication between them and a customer in need of their services.Stay tuned as we roll out this program for testing and we will work with you and see how many great responses you get from being there for your clients in a time of need.